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Meet the Candidate
Jill Jobseeker
Digital Marketing Manager

Seattle, WA

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About Jill Jobseeker:

Jill sees the big picture, can formulate engaging marketing campaigns, but isn't afraid to get into the details and measure success. She 'geeks out' with Google Analytics and has a knack for blending quantitative and qualitative marketing strategies.

Digital marketing Digital advertising Seo Sem Paid advertising Branding Online marketing Digital media Accounting Google Analytics Brands Brand Pitch marketing
Meet the Candidate
Andy Riabokin
Sales Leader

Los Angeles, CA

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About Andy Riabokin:

Andy's a talented quota-carrying sales leader. He has worked with startups and was previously the #1 sales person at a Fortune 500 company. He's easy to talk to, exploring new opportunities, and interested in learning more!

sales leadership quota B2B recruiting technical salesforce CRM enterprise sales HRTech SaaS
Meet the Candidate
Daniel Smith
Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA

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About Daniel Smith:

Specialties: LAMP, AJAX, Serverless / Lambda, JavaScript / ES6, Vue / React, many APIs, AWS

Seeking a full-time web development role in media / social / green / mobile / VR / AR / MR

software engineer technology PHP MySQL Node.js MongoDB serverless noSQL AWS Lambda DynamoDB JavaScript React ES6 CSS web development java
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Nick Livingston
Co-Founder & CEO
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