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Jillian Ricci
Digital Marketing Manager

New York, NY

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46 sec | Summary
The candidate is currently working on new business pitches for women's apparel brands and enjoys collaborating with senior management teams, which has provided valuable learning experiences. They are excited about the opportunity to work in a broader range of categories and with a company that aligns with their passions and interests.
2 min, 30 sec
2 min, 30 sec | Summary
The candidate was involved in two types of brand pitches: launching a new brand and repositioning an existing brand. They shared an example of repositioning the Tracy brand, where they conducted a deep dive into the customer's perspective, collaborated with multiple teams, and utilized consumer research to help the design team create an elevated product line. They also created a brand book and look book, which they are launching this week. The most challenging aspect of this project was working within a budget that allowed for high-quality design while still remaining affordable for the brand.
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25 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience in creating brand books and is currently launching a look book. They have also assisted merchandising and sales teams in preparing presentations for introducing the brand to retailers and generating new business opportunities.
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35 sec | Summary
The candidate's favorite company to date has been Seven House (Showroom Seven). They found the internship to be demanding, challenging, and a valuable fashion experience. The candidate takes pride in their ability to transition from a general intern to a personal intern of an account manager during their time there.

About Jillian Ricci:

The candidate has been working on new business pitches for women's apparel brands in her current role and enjoys collaborating with senior management teams. They have been involved in various types of brand pitches, such as new brand launches and repositioning existing brands. For instance, she recently worked on repositioning the brand by conducting customer research and collaborating with design, sales, and merchandising teams to elevate the clothing line and target more appropriate retailers. One of the challenges they faced during the project was balancing the budget for high-quality design while keeping it affordable for the brand. They have experience in marketing look books, as she recently launched one and helped the merchandising and sales team prepare presentations for retailers. Their favorite company to date was Seven House, where she had a demanding internship that allowed her to transition from a general intern to a personal intern of an account manager, which she considers a significant accomplishment.

- Bachelors Degree from University of California, Berkeley.

- Expert knowledge of SEO, SEM, Paid Search & Google Analytics

- Actively looking in San Francisco, Seattle, Remote

- Compensation: 85K

- Work Authorization: Yes, Any Employer

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