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Bret Johnson
Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Los Angeles, CA

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The most exciting part of the role is the companies extreme growth mode, driven by the accelerated adoption of digital solutions due to COVID. This has led to many legacy industries, such as education, transitioning to digital platforms, further propelling the company's business and making it an exciting time to be a part of the team.
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They emphasize the importance of both inbound and outbound experience for the SDR role, ideally with at least two years of outbound experience. They mention that SDRs typically progress from inbound to outbound and eventually to marketing enterprise roles, where they engage in more sophisticated and in-depth conversations. Additionally, the candidate highlights the need for SDRs to have a technical background, with experience in Salesforce and email automation, as well as the ability to adapt to product offerings with multiple solutions.
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The candidate would be working in a team with a 1 to 1 ratio of six outbound Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and a few inbound SDRs, each paired with an Account Executive. The team operates on a vertical basis, with the goal of making the SDRs experts in the domain of their respective buyers. This ensures that the SDRs are well-versed in the buyer's needs and can effectively communicate using the language of that specific vertical.
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In this role, success is viewed as a math problem where inputs determine outputs. Top performers understand the number of calls and emails needed to achieve desired conversion rates. They are skilled at A/B testing, trying different subject lines and communication strategies, as well as networking through social media and referrals. Successful candidates know their numbers, commit to meeting those targets, and go beyond by getting creative with channels to drive even better results.

Enterprise Sales Development Representative

Location: Remote (USA)

Company Overview:

We empower more than 30,000 growing organizations to thrive by taking the work out of document workflow. We provide an all-in-one document workflow automation platform that helps fast scaling teams accelerate the ability to create, manage, and sign digital documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, and more. 

Job Overview:

This is a full-cycle Enterprise Sales Development Representative role with a potential career path to Account Executive in 6-9 months. Qualified candidates will join a progressive team that is building a new revenue channel for the business. Through outbound prospecting, you will use multiple channels including cold calls, email, and social media to engage decision makers. The goal is to educate prospects, bring awareness to our solutions, and convert prospects into actionable leads for Account Executives to close. The Outbound SDR will be part of an exciting career path that can lead to career growth in sales, client success or leadership.

In this role, you will:

  • Build a career in technology-focused inside sales
  • Learn how to pitch a product and talk with prospects
  • Engage decision makers through multiple channels (Phone, email, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Build an "A player" reputation for work ethic
  • Get paid for your performance
  • Have defined advancement opportunities with very clear goals for moving up
  • Join a sales-focused culture in a high growth technology company

A typical day may include:

  • Prospecting leads to secure demos through phone calls, emails and social outreach
  • Celebrating individual and team results
  • Sales training and collaborating with teammates on creative strategies to improve results
  • Following up on leads to conduct research to identify potential prospects
  • Utilizing Hubspot,, SalesLoft and other industry leading technologies
  • Overcoming objections and helping prospects uncover areas of pain and potential value

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