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David Johnson
Senior Software Engineer

Seattle, WA

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The candidate has migrated to using Node.js and MongoDB as their back-end/server-side tech stack. They are familiar with NoSQL databases, server approaches, and network reply functions. Additionally, they are currently studying Amazon Web Services.

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The candidate is up-to-date with front-end development, proficient in Vue 3 (using the composition API), and React (using React Hooks). They are also experienced in modern Javascript, such as ES6 and beyond. They acknowledge the fast-paced nature of front-end development and have familiarity with various state management tools, like Tenia with D3 and Zustand with React. The candidate is comfortable with CSS3, but not a designer, and enjoys using Tailwind CSS. They stay informed by following industry leaders to keep up with the latest trends in front-end development.

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The candidate enjoys working on technical projects that they believe in and can be proud of, avoiding any projects related to gambling or enabling harm to others. They have a preference for social media projects, mapping and search functionalities within a geographical area, and projects that utilize technology creatively.

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The candidate aspires to become a technical architect, where they can continue contributing as an individual while also taking on mentoring and demonstration responsibilities. They enjoy being hands-on and envision themselves involved in long-range planning for products. The candidate wants to work with a diverse team of specialists, learning from them and participating in intelligent conversations about various technical topics. They find inspiration in being around creative technical geniuses and aim to be part of a team that creates something they can all be proud of.

About David Johnson:

David discussed his experience and preferences in both back-end and front-end development. He has transitioned to using Node.js and MongoDB for back-end development and is familiar with serverless approaches and Amazon Web Services. In terms of front-end development, he is up-to-date with Vue 3 and React, modern JavaScript, and state management tools like Pinea with Vue 3 or Zustand with React. While he is proficient at CSS3, he mentioned that he is not a designer. David also mentioned that he enjoys working on projects that he believes in, particularly ones that involve social media, mapping, and creative uses of technology. In terms of career aspirations, he expressed a desire to move into a technical architect role, where he could mentor, do demos, and act as a tech evangelist.

Back-end Development
  • Migrated to using Node.js and MongoDB
  • Familiar with serverless approaches and Amazon Web Services
Front-end Development
  • Up-to-date with Vue 3 and React, and modern JavaScript
  • Familiar with state management tools like Pinea with Vue 3 or Zustand with React
  • Proficient at CSS3, but not a designer
Project Preferences
  • Enjoys projects that have a positive impact, involve social media, mapping, and creative uses of technology
Career Aspirations
  • Aiming for a technical architect role
  • Interested in mentoring and doing demos

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