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Austin, TX

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Jonathan expressed interest in the hospital because it is a for-profit entity serving underutilized communities, indicating his commitment to providing healthcare in areas where it is most needed. He also appreciated the teaching aspect of the hospital, suggesting a desire to both learn and contribute to the education of others in the nursing field. Furthermore, he was attracted to the hospital's adolescent and adult psychiatric wings, showing an interest in mental health care and openness to working with different age groups in the future.
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The candidate finds his work as a psychiatric nurse fulfilling due to the variety and uniqueness of each day. He has expressed concern about the lack of resources in the mental health field, particularly for children. He is motivated by a desire to contribute to a solution, aiming to provide intervention and assistance to children from an early age to prevent future mental health problems. His passion for his specialty and advocating for mental health resources is evident.
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The candidate is a psychiatric nurse with a certification in Holds, which are safe procedures for handling patients who may pose a risk to themselves or others. He's currently in the process of obtaining his certified psychiatric nurse license, a process that requires two years of on-the-job experience and 2000 hours of nursing, followed by a licensure test. He has reached the one and a half year mark in this process and anticipates completing the requirements within the next year.
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The candidate described a recent memorable experience with a seventeen-year-old patient named Josh. The patient exhibited severe symptoms, showing no response despite multiple medical interventions. Having been moved to **name-hidden**'s unit, a protocol involving electro control therapy was implemented. This was a new experience and he was impressed to see a significant improvement in the patient's condition. Josh moved from a non-responsive state to speaking sentences and taking oral medication. **name-hidden** found it particularly rewarding to see this transformation and the hope it brought to the patient's parents. This experience demonstrated **name-hidden**'s ability to adapt to new treatment methods and his commitment to patient care.


**name-hidden** expressed deep interest in the hospital due to its non-profit status, focus on underutilized communities, and its standing as a teaching hospital. They were particularly intrigued by the presence of both adolescent and adult psychiatric wings, hinting at potential future career development. **name-hidden** conveyed passion for their role as a psychiatric nurse, acknowledging it as a critical and underutilized specialty in the healthcare sector.

He emphasized the need for early intervention in children's mental health to prevent future complications. **name-hidden**'s professional affiliations include a certification in Holds, a safety technique used in situations where patients are a risk to themselves or others. Furthermore, they are in the process of acquiring a Certified Psychiatric Nurse license, which demands two thousand hours of nursing, a minimum of two years on the job, and passing a licensure test. **name-hidden** is optimistic about completing this certification within the next year.

A memorable patient experience for **name-hidden** involved a seventeen-year-old patient who dramatically improved after undergoing electroconvulsive therapy. This was a profound experience for **name-hidden**, as they saw the patient transition from a non-responsive state to speaking sentences and taking oral medication. They found it deeply rewarding to witness the patient's parents regain hope for their son's recovery. This experience reflects **name-hidden**'s commitment to patient care and determination to provide effective mental health solutions.

Passion and Interest
  • Interest in serving underutilized communities and teaching
  • Appreciation of the hospital's psychiatric wings
  • Passion for psychiatric nursing and mental health
  • Emphasis on the importance of early intervention in mental health
Professional Affiliations and Goals
  • Process of obtaining certified psychiatric nurse license
Patient Care
  • Memorable experience of patient recovery through electro control therapy
  • Commitment to providing hope to patients and their families

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