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Data Analyst

New York, Will Relocate

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1 min, 58 sec
1 min, 58 sec | Summary
The candidate has considerable experience in data analysis, specifically, in a project analyzing one million student records over a decade to predict future application trends. They worked collaboratively with a team of five people, ensuring data quality and integrity throughout the process. They handled large data sets, dealing with patterns, nulls, missing values, and duplicated records. The candidate has expertise in the ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) process, using tools like SQL, Tableau, and V files for data manipulation and visualization. Their work culminated in providing insights to stakeholders to aid in decision-making. Their answer also suggests they are comfortable working in teams and have strong problem-solving skills, particularly in identifying and addressing data inconsistencies.
33 sec
33 sec | Summary
The candidate's response to the question about their most interesting data project is unclear and lacks specificity. They mention the use of technologies such as Django, Python, JavaScript, and jQuery but do not provide details about the project itself, its aims, or its outcomes. They also reference collaboration with a college and various departments, but it's not clear what role these entities played. Overall, their response lacks clarity and detail, making it difficult to assess the candidate's experience and skills based on this answer.
36 sec
36 sec | Summary
The candidate described a project they enjoyed, which involved analyzing student records from the past decade and predicting upcoming applications and student performance. They expressed a passion for this project, partly due to involvement with stakeholders such as IT supervisors. They also highlighted their management and leadership roles within the project team, pointing out that these were aspects they particularly enjoyed.
9 sec
9 sec | Summary
The candidate is skilled in Python and Tableau, which they identify as a key data visualization tool. They are actively seeking a role that will allow them to utilize these three key competencies.


**name-hidden** has considerable experience in data analysis and ETL. She highlighted a project where she examined a ten-year trend in student application acceptance rates using a dataset of one million records. She worked collaboratively, ensuring data quality and integrity, dealing with patterns and inconsistencies, and used ETL processes. SQL, Tableau, and VUE files were tools she utilized. After analyzing the data, she shared insights with stakeholders to aid decision-making.

She mentioned her favorite project as a data analyst was in the reference department, where she was involved in web page design. She used technologies like Django, Python, and JavaScript jQuery in this project, and it involved collaboration with college staff and IT departments. Another interesting project she mentioned was analyzing student records to predict future applications.

She managed and led the team in this project, working closely with stakeholders and IT supervisors. **name-hidden** also discussed a project from her master's program, a facial recognition proof of concept. The project involved collaboration with three to four people and used a large dataset of pictures. They used Python packages, the Facenet model, and TensorFlow in the design and implementation of this facial recognition system. The model they created could be used for security or attendance purposes, demonstrating a high level of accuracy. **name-hidden** also mentioned her proficiency in Python and Tableau, which she considers essential data science technologies.

data analyst MariaDB MySQL ETL Tableau SQL
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Full-Stack Web Developer

Austin, TX (Will Relocate)

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2 min, 1 sec
2 min, 1 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience in both front-end and back-end development through two internships. During the first, they developed web components and pages for a content management system using Sitecore CMS, Hashimoto's CSS, and JavaScript. They also created about fifty pages, ensured responsiveness on various devices, and tested their work with the QA team. In their second internship as a full-stack developer, they worked with front-end development initially, translating designs from Figma using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Subsequently, they worked with the back-end team for four months, connecting APIs, managing databases using MySQL, writing backend scripts with PHP, and working on the deployment of the project. This project has been running successfully since then.
31 sec
31 sec | Summary
The candidate discussed her proactive approach in familiarizing herself with the University of Texas, Austin after moving from India. She highlighted her initiative in reaching out to seniors from her university to learn more about the opportunities available at the institution. The candidate also mentioned her discovery of various organizations within the university that she could join. However, she did not specifically discuss any teaching experience at the university.
2 min, 1 sec
2 min, 1 sec | Summary
The candidate started as a treasurer at the Association of IT Professionals at University of Texas, Austin, where their primary role was to bring industry professionals into the university to provide information sessions. When COVID-19 hit, they adapted by coordinating with professors and switching to virtual sessions on platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, enabling them to host over 150 people at a time. This led to companies such as Amazon, GM Financial, and Chrysler Health recruiting over ten people. The candidate was later elected as the Association's president, a role they have held for 7-8 months. In this time they have increased student participation, with over 150 students attending events and fifteen people getting hired. This demonstrates their ability to adapt, lead, and effectively coordinate events that benefit students and the wider university community.
52 sec
52 sec | Summary
The candidate aims to enter the field of software engineering, and has a particular interest in full-stack web development. They have a strong passion for front-end design, but also have worked hard to master back-end technologies, with proficiency in Python and Java. The candidate aspires to eventually grow into a project management role and has pursued a master's degree in information systems to acquire the necessary management skills for potential future leadership roles. While the candidate prefers to work in Austin or Dallas, TX, they are open to relocation across the USA.


**name-hidden** recounted her experiences during her summer internship as an application developer, where she worked with a team to migrate from an existing website to a new one. She primarily focused on content management systems (CMS) and developed components and web pages for the CMS using CSS and JavaScript. She also involved herself in the CMS part of the project, creating about fifty pages and making them responsive for various devices. She later worked on testing these components with the QA team. **name-hidden** also mentioned her full-stack developer internship where she worked with the fronting team initially, migrating designs from Figma pages and writing codes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Later, she worked with the back-end team connecting APIs and databases using MySQL, and scripting with PHP.

**name-hidden** is now seeking a role in full-stack web development in Austin or Dallas, TX, but is open to relocation anywhere in the US. She is highly skilled in Python and Java. She aims to grow as a project manager in the future and believes that starting as a software engineer will pave the way for her to reach her goal. The reason she chose to pursue a master's degree in information systems over computer science was to acquire management skills necessary for a future leadership role.

web development master's degree University of Texas javascript css CMS testing QA test scripts full stack developer figma user interface html front end API MySQL PHP computer science AITP Austin
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Senior Data Analyst

Florida, Will Relocate Anywhere (USA)

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1 min, 6 sec
1 min, 6 sec | Summary
The candidate has over four years of experience as a data analyst. Their primary responsibilities included data gathering, preprocessing, interpretation, and deriving business insights from the data. They have handled customer churn issues and used tools like Python, Power BI, SQL, and R for analytical tasks, including regression, classification, and clustering. They also have experience in generating reports, documenting insights, and presenting these to stakeholders for business improvement.
1 min, 9 sec
1 min, 9 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience with various analytical processes including civil linear regressions, multiple regressions, and variance analysis. He has used machine learning algorithms through Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio and has experience with decision trees and SEM. His primary use for Python is data cleaning and preprocessing. He has worked with different tools and technologies based on the needs of different clients, including PowerBI. He mentioned working with Saudi Aramco, where he conducted weekly meetings to keep the clients informed about business proceedings.
32 sec
32 sec | Summary
The candidate's ideal next role is a data analyst position, similar to what they've done before, but now they have a master's degree which they believe makes them more effective in addressing business needs. They wish to utilize their enhanced skills and previous experience to help a business grow. Their goal is to contribute to the business using the knowledge they've gained from their education and past work experiences.
40 sec
40 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience in three different industries: pharmaceuticals (specifically with Pfizer in the U.S.), insurance (in the U.K.), and oil/petroleum (with Saudi Aramco). Their work involved handling various datasets, healthcare insurance, and supply chain management. They expressed interest in continuing to work in any of these fields.


Available ASAP

Willing to Relocate - Anywhere in the USA. Currently in Florida

Authorized to work for any employer

Call Summary:

**name-hidden** has over four years of experience as a Senior Data Analyst at Accenture, where his role involved data acquisition, cleaning, preprocessing, and interpretation for business needs. He dealt with various business situations such as customer churn and used Python, Power BI, SQL, and R for analytics. He was also involved in regression, classification, clustering, and reporting insights to stakeholders for business improvement. He demonstrated proficiency in multiple regression analysis, logistic regressions, and analysis of variance. Furthermore, he utilized Microsoft Azure Machine Learning studio for machine learning algorithms and Python for data cleaning and preprocessing. He has worked with different clients that use various tools and technologies, such as Saudi Aramco in the UAE. **name-hidden** sees his ideal next role as a Senior Data Analyst. With his master's degree and previous experience, he believes he can effectively address business needs and help businesses grow. He has experience in the pharmaceutical, insurance, and oil/petroleum industries. He worked on datasets for Pfizer US, a UK-based insurance company, and Saudi Aramco, an oil and petroleum industry. He expressed interest in working in any of these industries.

Technical Skills:

Presentations · Data Analysis · VLOOKUP · Statistical Data Analysis · Deep Learning · Big Data · Data Science · Python (Programming Language) · R (Programming Language)

Career Overview:

Demonstrated mastery in turning data into meaningful insights, reported using Power BI, ensued in 9% advanced decision making. Surpassed annual revenue target by 25-35% for 3 consecutive years.

  • Mined and investigated over 40,000 product reviews to identify customer behavior patterns and provide actionable insights to the stakeholders, resulting in an 8% increase in return on investment.
  • Attained Data flow Pipelines with Azure Data Factory, set up data source resulted in 30% saving efforts of running scripts.
  • Managed analysis of over 20,000 data points, identified trends and improvement opportunities, caused in efficiency.
  • Constructed and maintained dashboards using Power BI and Excel for a Project of over 10+ teams, incorporating real-time key performance indicators (KPI) to enhance tracking and monitoring of performance.
  • Supervised significant analysis of over 50,000 customer invoices data and 100,000 transactions to identify the open pain points and furnish actionable insights using SQL and Power BI.

Accenture Data Analyst insights python power BI sql clustering R statistical analysis reporting stakeholders linear regression big data MySQL data cleaning business intelligence data analytics business analysis pharmaceutical insurance more... healthcare petroleum supply chain
Meet the Candidates
QA + Java Engineer

USA, Will Relocate Anywhere

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1 min, 36 sec
1 min, 36 sec | Summary
The candidate has extensive experience in QA testing and automation across multiple domains. They worked in banking on trade settlement projects, performing system integration, regression, and sanity testing, utilizing both manual and automation methods. They have proficiency in Telenium and Java for writing automation scripts. In the telecommunications sector, they worked for a Canadian company, Rogers, testing websites and logging defects in Jira while performing API testing using Postman. They also worked for an ecommerce company, Just Dial, where they performed functional testing, system integration, and regulation and created test cases and scenarios based on business requirement documents. The candidate has interned as a software quality assurance intern in the United States, where they wrote QA reports and performed cross-browser and functional testing.
1 min, 0 sec
1 min, 0 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience in creating test cases based on business requirement documents and functional specification documents. They work closely with business analysts and team leads to discuss possible scenarios and write corresponding test scenarios. They also mentioned experience in the banking domain, where they handled requirement changes and tested the ability to match and settle trades. This involved creating different data setups, for which they also wrote test cases. Therefore, the candidate appears well-versed in designing and implementing test cases in response to varying business requirements.
36 sec
36 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience executing written test scripts under the supervision of a senior lead. They have also shown initiative and interest in automation testing, as evidenced by their independent study on Selenium and Automation Testing during their master's program, where they gained experience writing automation scripts.
33 sec
33 sec | Summary
The candidate is open to relocating anywhere in the United States. They are interested in opportunities in automation, software testing, or roles related to Java engineering, due to their certification in the field. They believe these roles will help enhance their knowledge and skills.


QA Testing, QA Automation or Java Software Engineer

Authorized to work for any employer - OPT F-1 Visa

Available Now - 90 days from June 26th

Will Relocate - Anywhere in the USA

**name-hidden** recently completed her masters in computer science and has three years of work experience in India as a software engineer at Tech Mahindra, where she contributed to multiple projects in banking and telecommunications. She has experience in software testing and has used Java for writing automation scripts. During her tenure, she performed system integration testing, regression testing, and sanity testing. She also has experience with both manual and automation testing, utilizing tools such as Telenium and Java for writing automation scripts. In addition to her work experience, **name-hidden** has performed functional testing, system integration, and regulation. She created test cases and scenarios based on business requirement documents. Furthermore, she interned as a software quality assurance intern in the United States, where she was responsible for writing QA reports and performing cross-browser and functional testing. **name-hidden** is knowledgeable in creating and executing test cases based on business requirement and functional specification documents. She also has experience in writing automation scripts, stating that she developed an interest in automation testing during her master's program. **name-hidden** is currently seeking a new job either in automation or software testing and automation, or as a Java software engineer. She is open to relocating anywhere in the United States. She expressed a preference for working in the banking or financial services domain due to her experience and knowledge in those areas. She believes that the banking industry is evergreen and offers opportunities for higher positions.

Technical Skills:

Software Testing professional with a creative skill set of Selenium automation testing integrated with Cucumber BDD, extensive experience in Agile framework , JIRA and QA tools like HP Quality center , Agile Designer, Core Java and C++.

Career Highlights:

  • In-depth knowledge in SDLC, STLC, Waterfall, Agile Methodology and Incremental Methodologies
  • Hands-on experience in various types of testing: System testing, Integration testing, Smoke testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing, Cross browser testing
  • Expertise in test management tools: JIRA, HP ALM
  • Hands-on experience in Selenium Automation (Selenium Webdriver)
  • Experience in creating test automation frameworks from scratch (Selenium Java, Maven, TestNG, Junit and BDD (Cucumber)
  • Extensive added knowledge of Manual testing along with basic experience in API testing.

Personal Statement:

I have always enjoyed the work experience in the field of Quality Assurance as it helps to get to know the adaptability and flexibility of an application from both the user aspect as well as the development aspect giving a chance to make an effort to increase the market reliability of the product.

Binghampton MA Degree computer science software engineer telecommunication software testing automation testing java regression tesging selenium website testing JIRA API testing system integration testing test cases functional specs financial services banking
Meet the Candidates
Marketing Operations

NY, NJ, Open to Relocation

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Total listen time: 00:06:58

2 min, 19 sec
2 min, 19 sec | Summary
The candidate has almost five years of experience with Cloudalyze, a Salesforce partner organization based in Silicon Valley. Starting as a content writer in 2018, they gradually expanded their skill set to include digital marketing and graphic design, eventually being promoted to Marketing Operations Manager. Their responsibilities include designing and executing digital marketing campaigns tailored to Salesforce products and services, generating leads, raising brand awareness, and managing email marketing platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and Mailchimp. They also have experience with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn campaign management. Content creation remains a key aspect of their role, with experience in creating blogs, white papers, ebooks, and lead generation marketing strategies.
55 sec
55 sec | Summary
The candidate had experience generating leads and conducting marketing campaigns, but their superior saw their people-oriented nature as an asset and encouraged them to engage in pre-sales and business development activities. They then began participating in initial consultation calls with potential clients, helping them understand the Salesforce product they were interested in and how their company could assist with development, integration, or advisory services within the Salesforce ecosystem. This broadened the candidate's skill set and offered them the opportunity to further develop their customer success skills.
51 sec
51 sec | Summary
The candidate's ideal next role would be within the digital marketing industry, aligning with their field of study and OPT (Optional Practical Training) requirements. They've been actively interviewing for the past 2-3 months and have seen the most success in this sector. Their aim is to find a position directly related to their master's degree, as required for their two-year STEM extension. They also have the flexibility to work in various roles such as business development manager, customer success manager, or marketing operations manager during their first OPT year.
2 min, 53 sec
2 min, 53 sec | Summary
The candidate detailed their involvement in an exciting project focused on improving SEO and advertising strategies using SEMrush, a marketing automation platform. The candidate implemented SEMrush at their previous organization to perform competitive analysis, understand competitors' marketing strategies, and identify keywords used across various platforms. After analyzing the findings, they incorporated successful strategies into their own approach, which led to improved SEO rankings, increased web and social media traffic, and an uptick in lead generation. In addition, they used the same approach to enhance their advertising efforts, gaining access to competitors' ad campaigns and keywords. This strategy resulted in improved advertising scores and further increased web traffic and lead generation.


**name-hidden** discussed his experience working at Cloudalyze, a Salesforce partner organization, where he started as a content writer in 2018 before expanding his skill set to include digital marketing and graphic design. He was eventually promoted to Marketing Operations Manager. His duties included creating, designing, and executing digital marketing campaigns tailored for various Salesforce products.

He worked with email marketing platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp to generate leads and raise brand awareness. He also actively worked on advertising, using tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. In addition to marketing, **name-hidden** was asked to assist with pre-sales and business development. He took part in initial consultation calls with potential clients, helping them understand the Salesforce products they were interested in and how Cloudalyze could provide development integration or advisory services.

His people-oriented nature made this shift an easy one, and he enjoyed the additional experience in these areas. **name-hidden** also touched on his career aspirations, stating that he is looking for roles related to his field of study to fulfill the requirements of his OPT. He has been actively interviewing in the digital marketing industry for the past two to three months.

**name-hidden** highlighted an exciting project he led, where he used SEMrush, a real-time marketing automation platform, to improve his organization's SEO rankings. He conducted a thorough competitive analysis, understanding the keywords and strategies used by competitors to enhance Cloudalyze's marketing strategies. This led to increased website and social media traffic, along with an increase in lead generation.

Cloudalyze marketing marketing operations customer success digital marketing lead generation branding email marketing salesforce hubspot mailchimp google analytics ad campaigns marketing strategies content marketing pre-sales business development NYC marketing analytics SEO more... google ads marketing automation
Meet the Candidates
Business & Data Analytics

Wichita, KS | Remote, Will Relocate

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2 min, 51 sec
2 min, 51 sec | Summary
The candidate started their career as an intern for a year where they worked on building a SQL-based dashboard for monitoring project implementation and KPIs for different ministries. This sparked their interest in data specialization. However, due to a hiring freeze caused by COVID-19, they transitioned to a role in county government, specifically within the Department of the Environment. There, they coordinated with various personnel on different projects, ensuring smooth information flow and effective reporting. Recognizing a knowledge gap in their country regarding data experts, they decided to pursue a master's program in business analytics, which led them to their current location.
1 min, 49 sec
1 min, 49 sec | Summary
The candidate has experience working with data on campus, specifically managing databases and updating a professor's website. Prior to this, they also had experience as a freelance Q&A tester for various mobile and computer apps across different platforms such as Windows, Android, iPhone and iOS. They continue to perform this role on an on-demand basis. Their diverse experience indicates a proficiency in handling different types of data and software. The candidate has experience in various types of testing, including financial and streaming applications. They are currently seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in different areas of testing. However, the candidate's response is vague and lacks clarity on the specific tools and techniques used in their testing processes.
27 sec
27 sec | Summary
The candidate perceives their ideal role as a more technical position than their current freelance software testing job. They feel that their current position does not fully utilize their skills and capabilities. The candidate is keen to leverage their existing competencies for a role that is more challenging and technical.
50 sec
50 sec | Summary
The candidate has primarily worked in the Midwest, but is open to relocating for the job. They are also comfortable with a hybrid or fully remote work model, as evidenced by their experience with a fully remote freelance job. Therefore, their location preferences are highly flexible depending on job requirements.
1 min, 27 sec
1 min, 27 sec | Summary
The candidate has hands-on experience in QA testing, specifically within the context of financial apps, such as Western Union. Their role involved conducting multiple test runs, including real-life testing of a money transfer process to different countries. They worked closely with the testing team to provide feedback on the user interface, functionality, and potential security weaknesses. Their approach was practical and involved direct engagement with the system, enabling them to contribute ideas for improvement.


**name-hidden** moved from Kenya to the USA to pursue his master's degree in 2021, following the reopening of schools post-COVID-19. He has a keen interest in data specialization, ignited by his work at an internship where he helped build SQL-based reporting dashboards. He later worked in a county government job in the department of the environment, where he coordinated various projects and noticed a significant knowledge gap in data expertise in his country. This inspired him to seek a master's program focused on data, leading him to a business analytics program. Throughout his studies and various roles, **name-hidden** gained experience in QA testing for web and mobile apps, utilizing tools like Jira and SharePoint.

He's currently working as a freelance QA tester on an on-demand basis, testing various platforms and often focusing on financial applications, such as Western Union's money transfer app. Despite enjoying this work, **name-hidden** is seeking a more technical role that would better utilize his skills and is open to both hybrid and remote roles as well as opportunities requiring relocation, particularly in the Midwest. During his master's program, **name-hidden** worked on several hands-on projects, including a significant project for a retail plant, Freddie's Steak, Burgers, and Custard.

This project involved analyzing a large dataset (500 GB) from their mobile sales over three to four years, with the goal of improving sales and mobile orders. This project was a real-life application of the skills he had learned and was presented to Freddie's analytics team.

Wichita Business Kenya treasury The Ministry of Planning and National Treasury data analyst dashboards business analytics